Our Worship Services

Each of these services follows a common pattern, commonly known as "liturgy."  This pattern has been used for many years and connects us with the faithful from previous generations.  This pattern offers a rhythm to worship.  See our lectionary page for the readings for the coming Sunday.

8:00 Am 

The 8:00 am service at Ascension is rather intimate and tends toward the contemplative.  The early hour allows one to begin the day with worship.  It includes reading from scripture, a sermon, prayers and Holy Communion.  From time to time it includes music as well. 

10:15 AM

The 10:15 am service at Ascension is a vibrant expression of our service.  It is a diverse gathering where all are welcome.  The festive procession includes the choir that helps lead worship.  This service includes scripture, a sermon, prayers and Holy Communion as well.

family service - monthly, on the 1st sunday of each month

The different prayers and songs in our worship services help us connect with one another and what is being said.  Our children's chapel follows the same pattern, only with words and songs that help our children connect. Our family service on the first Sunday of each month has the same pattern, with some songs and aspects from children's chapel even as we gather in the larger space.  All of the prayers (from the Book of Common Prayer) are included in the bulletin making it more accessible and easier for all to follow along during our family services. Family service bulletins are printed on colorful paper with special formatting and can help us know that the service is family friendly as well. 

Weekly Eucharist at Presbyterian Village North

Ascension holds a weekly Eucharist at Presbyterian Village North.  This service takes place in the PVN chapel at 4:00pm every Wednesday and is open to non-residents as well.  Join us as you are able.

Observation of Sacred Seasons

The liturgy that forms our service changes throughout the year, as we acknowledge the different seasons of the church.  Some of these are widely known, such as Christmas or Easter, others may only be known to those within the church.  There are also days that are particularly appropriate for baptism, the Easter Vigil, on the Day of Pentecost, on All Saints' Day or the Sunday after All Saints'
Day, and on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord (the First Sunday after the Epiphany).  If you are interested in baptism, or learning more about the seasons of the church contact Fr. Paul.

On the Importance of Music

Music is an important part of our Sunday services, and also part of our joy.  It helps connect us and our voices as we praise God.  We are blessed with a fantastic volunteer choir, an amazing organ, and even some special young voices from time to time.

Ascension Adult Choir

The Ascension Adult Choir is a group of volunteer singers who love to sing and are willing to learn! They rehearse in the Nave each week on Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm until 8:30pm. They help to provide worship leadership at the10:15am service and for other services as determined throughout the year. The choir sings a wide variety of great choral music ranging from ancient plainchant to classic masterpieces to modern works and commissioned anthems.

The Martin Pasi Organ, Opus 16

All components of the instrument were built in Martin Pasi’s shop in Roy, Washington. Working with a small group of fine craftsmen, the shop builds one organ at a time, crafted by hand from natural materials using reliable and historical organ building methods. Our organ has two manuals and a pedal keyboard. The freestanding casework is contracted of old-growth Douglas fir, the metal pipes are a 97% lead-tin alloy, and the wooden pipes are from Tulip trees. These and many other similar refinements make this a distinguished instrument of lasting tonal and visual beauty, exemplify an elegance and inherent integrity characteristic of the greatest traditions of the organ builder’s art – Soli Deo Gloria!