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"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." Psalm 127:3



Ascension Day School is a play-based program that offers a loving, caring, and safe environment for children ages 15 months to Kindergarten. Using a Christian curriculum, we help children develop personal and social skills, practice gross and fine motor skills, and learn foundational academic concepts. An extension of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, our program is nestled in the heart of Lake Highlands and is easily accessible from surrounding Dallas and Richardson neighborhoods. Classes are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We also offer an extended day program for families who need to take advantage of a longer day. Check out our Facebook page or Instagram page @ascensiondayschooldallas for a closer look at our fun activities and sweet children.



Chapel is an important part of our school. Ascension clergy are part of school life and chapel is a time when they are able to share their faith and the traditions of the church with the students. Chapel includes gathering to sing, to hear Bible stories and to pray together. Students learn about the pattern of our worship and engage with the stories. Our all-school chapel times are open to parents who may hope to catch a glimpse of what is being offered as we worship together.



Our specials classes include Spanish, Music & Movement, Library, and Gardening & Science. Every day the child is enrolled, they participate in at least one specials class. The weekly themes are tied into the lessons. 



In Spanish class, the students will learn through a technique called TPR, which stands for Total Physical Response. This technique uses authentic experiences in learning language. In Spanish, they will also read, sing, and dance to immerse themselves into Spanish. The teacher looks forward to exposing the students to their favorite books in Spanish and engaging them in conversation. She will also ensure that they have an appreciation for the Spanish language and its culture.


Music & Movement

In Music & Movement class, students will learn about high, middle, and low sounds through movement and dance. They will also learn beat and rhythm in an environment that will allow our students to exercise, stretch, play and connect in a non-competitive environment with their peers. The teacher will also incorporate yoga and gross motor games to enhance flexibility, strength, and coordination while also combining imaginative play.



During Library Class, the students will explore and appreciate many genres of literature; learn to discriminate between real (non-fiction) and pretend (fiction); and self-select a book to check-out.  Activities such as retelling and prediction will enhance their reading readiness skills. Pre-Kinder and Kinder classes will also begin to research subjects in which they are interested and begin to synthesize information they find.

Gardening & Science

In addition to participating in Specials classes, children will also have the opportunity to explore Gardening & Science. Ascension Episcopal Church has a large organic garden on the north side of the campus. ADS is currently occupying one large plot and the students are in the garden at least once a week. When appropriate, we supplement our snack time with the produce students harvest and sometimes your students will come home with things they have pulled from the garden. The students will also participate weekly in science experiments and sensory activities. Most of the time this class is held outdoors, either in the garden or in the courtyard.


Want to see more of us in action? Check out our Facebook page. Questions about our preschool? Please call the main office number at 214-340-4196 or contact the director email or call 214-382-9773.

Ascension Day School 

8787 Greenville Avenue

Dallas, Texas 75243


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