Pastoral Care at Ascension

Providing pastoral care is a priority for us at Ascension.  Often this is ministry of presence, at times our response includes actions, such as providing meals.  Included below are our primary methods of caring for our members and those in our community.  Contact us through the church office, or staff page for more information about these offerings.  There is no charge associated with these offerings.

Pastoral Visits & Hospital Visitation

If you or a loved one is in the hospital, please call us as soon as you can and let our clergy know.  Clergy are available for visitation, Communion, Anointing of the Sick, and Ministration to the Dying.  In the event of a pastoral emergency, please contact us at 214-340-4196 and a priest will contact you. 

There are times in life when we simply need someone to be present with us.  Sometimes it is a moment of crisis, other times it is support to those who are otherwise lonely.  The clergy work with a team of members who are dedicated to helping make these regular visits.  We work to schedule regular visits for those we know are in need, and do our best to respond to other needs as they emerge.

Spiritual Direction

Want to deepen your spiritual life?  Consider Spiritual Direction.  Spiritual Direction differs from pastoral counseling in that it is not a response to a crisis or event as much as it is a one-on-one time of reflection on your personal walk with God.  Meeting regularly with a trained and certified Spiritual Director helps you discover who you are in Christ and who Christ is to you.  Are there barriers to living fully as a son or daughter of God?  What might they be and how can they be broken so that the Holy Spirit's living water flows abundantly in your life? Want to learn more? Contact Rev. Dr. Marci Pounders at the church office.  Mother Marci is a trained Spiritual Director, certified through the SMU Perkins Spiritual Director's Network. There is no charge for spiritual direction, just a commitment to regular meetings and a willingness to honestly examine yourself emotionally, theologically, and spiritually.  The rewards are great!

Pastoral Counseling

We offer pastoral counseling to anyone who may be struggling with a practical problem, a personal or emotional issue or a spiritual crisis.   Ascension clergy are available to meet with you to help you discern ways to cope and to offer hope through the situation. Pastoral counseling may involve one or multiple visits.  Again, there is no charge.  Please contact the church office should you feel you need counseling.

Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling is available for anyone suffering from any type of loss.  Loss can be felt on many levels.  We typically think of grief counseling for something like the loss of a loved one, but grief is a strong emotional reaction to ANY loss, such as the loss of a beloved home, a cherished pet, a good job, loss of family through divorce or estrangement, or even losing one's independence.  Ascension is fortunate to have trained grief counselors on staff.  If you feel you need short-term or on-going counseling, please call us so that we may assist you.

eucharistic Visits

The sacraments are an important part of our faith.  The Eucharist (communion) in particular is a nourishment to our faith, a visible reminder of Christ and how we seek to embody Christ to the world.  When someone cannot come to our common worship on Sunday, we have members who will bring the sacraments to them upon request.

Food For Souls

While prayers and presence are the mainstays of pastoral care, there are times when we have other immediate needs as well.  Food for souls organizes home cooked meals to be delivered on occasion. While it cannot meet long term needs, a few meals can make a big difference as one returns home from the hospital or is in other temporary need. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Prepare all or part of a home-cooked meal.

  • Be a Team Leader who organizes the preparation of meals and delivery to homes.

Leader in Charge: Lestra Corey

Stephen Ministry


Ascension is committed to taking care of you. And so we ask, "Might you need a Stephen Minister?" What exactly is a Stephen Minister? One way to put it is that Stephen Ministers are the "After People." There are so many "afters" in our lives - "Afters" where you need someone trained in pastoral care to come alongside you to provide regular one-on-one, confidential comfort and support --- for as long as "after" is needed. For more information, please contact Rev. Dr. Marci Pounders.  We are ready to serve you. 

greeting card ministry:

Acknowledging important events in people’s lives is provided through this ministry of sending a greeting card for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy, new babies, and other events. Grief packets are also mailed to those who have lost loved ones.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Coordinate sending cards and grief packets to parishioners.

Leader in Charge: