Serving in worship

Our worship is the principle way we learn about God and one another.  Serving in worship allows members to invest themselves in this process.  The Episcopal style of worship includes a variety of ways for members to participating with the clergy in leading worship.

Preparing for worship

  • Altar Guild: members of the altar guild prepare the linens and other items (Chalices etc) for our worship services.  See their page here.
  • Greeters and Users: members welcome other members and guests each Sunday, handing out bulletins for worship and helping each to find a place in worship.

During the Worship

  • Choir: the choir meets each Wednesday with Choirmaster Mark Unkenholz to prepare to help lead worship each week
  • Lay Reader: lay readers participate in every service, reading scriptures and prayers on behalf of the congregation.  Training is offered to equip those interested in this ministry.
  • Lay Eucharistic Minister: there are two ways lay persons can assist with our Eucharist (communion).  First, some help as "Chalice Bearers" in our common worship, wearing vestments and process with the choir and clergy.  Second, some volunteer with our Pastoral Care team to take Eucharist to those who cannot be present on Sundays.  Training is offered for both of these roles.
  • Acolytes: adults, youth and children all take part as acolytes in various capacities.  Acolytes are part of the procession into and out of worship, leading with the cross, bearing candles and assisting at the altar.
  • Children's Chapel: leaders and assistants take turns leading our children's chapel at the direction (and training) from the Associate Rector.  Children follow the procession, which continues to the Children's Chapel space, they follow an order of worship similar to the service in the main church, but adjust it to be more child-friendly. 
  • Verger: the verger holds a special role in our service, they assist the clergy by guiding the procession and other aspects, and doing their best to anticipate other needs throughout the worship.