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Texas Impact is an interfaith organization that helps coordinate and equip people of faith to engage with the legislative process in Texas.  Advocacy with our elected representatives helps us live into our baptismal promises.  Ascension is a member of Texas impact, some of our members have joined as individuals as well.


AL-ANON meetings are held every Sunday evening and Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Youth and Outreach Center (on the hill behind the church). Families, friends, and observers are welcome. No RSVP is required.  Just show up! 



Accessing quality and affordable mental health services can be a challenge. At Ascension, we believe mental health equity starts with breaking down barriers such as lack of resources and cost. Many of you have shared stories about the anxiety and frustration of dealing with insurance providers and prohibitive charges. Various Dallas ministries seek to remedy the inequity of mental health services. I’m thrilled to share that Ascension is forming a new partnership with Khesed Wellness to help improve access to mental healthcare. Their website states, "Khesed is Hebrew for loving kindness toward everyone, especially those on the margins. When the margins are centered, the collective can thrive." Khesed partners with churches and nonprofits to reduce their costs in providing mental health care, and these savings are passed on to all they serve. We can help address their core belief that everyone deserves access to affordable quality mental health therapy. Learn more HERE

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