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December 1, 2020

Tasby Middle School Students Needs Your Support


As we move into Advent, I reflect on how different life is today compared to this time last year. Ascension’s leadership has been amazing, finding ways to keep each of us connected while many are isolated and alone. “Beyond Our Walls” is this year’s stewardship campaign.  As Fr. Paul noted in his letter, “our worship, formation and outbound ministries will continue to adjust to serve our community.” This to me illustrates the need to support our internal operations as well as the ministry we do in the community…. beyond our walls.


In 2015 Ascension established a food pantry at Tasby middle school in the Vickery Meadow area. The school has had (and continues) to have an alarming number of homeless and food insecure children.


Later in 2017, Ascension joined partnerships with Sharing Life (hub of the North Texas Food Bank) in order for Ascension to purchase more food at a reduced price. Thanks to Beth and John Dexter Hope Harbeck, Diane Hooper and others who help coordinate the ordering, pickup and stocking of both pantries each month with an average of 3,000-4,000 lbs. of food!


In January, Tasby will have over 800 junior high school students returning- some who have been learning virtually. While Ascension is providing food for the weekend, Jasmin Calderon the parent teacher liaison, expressed a large need for uniform polo shirts.


Tasby uses 3 colors of polo shirts designating a grade (dark green, navy and maroon).  Children keep the same color the duration of time at school. Many students returning to school this fall no longer have shirts and families are struggling even more these days just to put food on the table. 


Can you help students in need of a uniform polo shirt? Our goal is to purchase 15-20 shirts in each color and each youth size (small, medium, large) at an average cost of $8.00 each. 


Please consider making a contribution for the purchase of polo shirts for students at Tasby Middle School. If interested send your contribution to Ascension and note, “Tasby shirts”. Deadline for donations is December 18th.


For questions, please contact Dabney Dwyer at 214 500-7205/

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