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Stewardship 2022

October, 2021

Dear Ascension Family, 

Greetings in the name of our Lord!


The past eighteen months have been extraordinarily challenging. We have experienced fear, uncertainty, disruption in our day-to-day lives, and anxiety across the globe. But despite these challenges, we have been able to see God at work and to witness the good that has emerged from this peculiar time. We are grateful.


I feel blessed by the faithfulness of this parish. Most of you continued to "show up" even when the only option for worship was online, when serving others carried new risks, and when we had to learn new ways to gather and care for one another. Thank you for continuing to show up and for your financial support and commitment to Ascension.


As our "Reflections of Love" series started in August, I was further impressed. When this series was considered, we hoped it would invite the whole parish to more deeply reflect on our weekly readings, our community, and our stewardship. I know our Ascension family to be thoughtful and articulate and continue to be inspired by the spiritual depth of our Reflection's authors. If you have missed any of these weekly offerings, I hope you will read them HERE to have the benefit of experiencing the Gospel in new and life-giving ways.


Stewardship is often defined as the management of resources, but I believe it has to begin with gratitude. Even as we manage difficulties in our lives, like our response to a global pandemic, can we remain grateful and reflect the love of God to the world around us? If Ascension is the litmus test, the answer is "yes!".


As uncertainties about the pandemic's future persist, my faith in Ascension remains strong. I know that together, bound by the Holy Spirit and guided by God's truth, we will continue to be faithful stewards of creation and our very lives. I hope the following materials introducing our Love in Action stewardship campaign will help you and your family prayerfully consider your financial, time, and talent commitments to our parish for the year ahead.


Our ingathering of commitments will take place on Sunday, November 7, All Saints Day. Please complete the enclosed cards and bring them to church on the 7th. If you are unable to return the cards during the ingathering, feel free to place them in the offering on other Sundays this year or deliver them to the office. You can also commit HERE. Again, thank you for your faithfulness to God and our Ascension community.



Fr. Paul

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Download cards below, complete & drop off at our Welcome Desk or email to Fr. Paul. 

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