A Stewardship Message from Fr. Paul

Creativity and adaptability have been key characteristics of 2020. Everyone has made adjustments to their way of life because of the pandemic. Some have faced more substantial hardships than others, many have worked to maintain optimism about the opportunity it creates for quiet, reflection, and family. It has been challenging for everyone.

At Ascension, we know the importance of community. The moments we gather for worship, formation, and outreach sustain our souls. At times, they serve a role greater than we can name.  Before this year, I could not have imagined altering our gathering for church so significantly.  It bears witness to the power of the Holy Spirit that we've been able to adapt to the world of "virtual" church. 

We owe part of this success to the foundation of understanding that walls have never bound the church. Our outbound ministries have helped remind us that we must go out into the community to be Christ to others. Our pastoral care team similarly knows no walls.  Our building may still be a hub of activity, but ZOOM and YouTube have allowed us to meet people's spiritual needs in creative new ways.


Below is a link to the Stewardship letter I mailed to our Ascension family the week of 11/16/2020.  I believe God is inviting us to continue living, learning, and loving beyond our walls. I hope you will join me in prayerfully discerning your giving level and how you will use the unique gifts God has given you to help make Christ known to others. Thank you for your support. 

Fr. Paul

8787 Greenville Avenue

Dallas, TX 75243