Meet our 2022 Graduates!

We're excited to share in the joy of our families who are celebrating graduations this year.   
Congratulations to this impressive group from high school, college, and beyond!

A Prayer for our Graduates

All wise, all-loving God, we thank you for all your gifts to us; for making us, for saving us in Christ, for calling us to be your people. Look with love on our graduates and bless them as they complete a chapter of life. May your Spirit give them many skills and talents and help them to use these gifts for your glory and for the good of all people.  In your kindness, guide them along paths that are level and smooth.  We ask these blessings through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Annelies Moeser

(Annelies is pictured in the back row, third from right)

We're excited to share that Annelies Moser is a member of the Iona School for Ministry Graduating Class of 2022! This inspiring group has been meeting one weekend a month at Camp Allen for comprehensive training for the bi-vocational priesthood, the diaconate, and various lay ministries.

Annelies is an active member at Ascension and has taught, preached, and served at the altar for a number of years.  Congratulations Annelies and class!