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The Ascension of Christ

The Ascension of Christ is a significant event that marks a tipping point in the Christian faith. On Easter, we celebrate the Day of Resurrection, and during the season of Easter, we hear stories of the resurrected Lord reminding the disciples to continue preaching, teaching, and healing as they had seen Jesus do throughout his ministry. When the disciples saw Jesus ascending into the clouds, they began their ministry.

This notion of the Ascension being a tipping point fits with our parish's faith-in-action values. Even as we await Christ as he appears in scripture, we also know that Christ has already come again each time we’ve endeavored to be Christ in the world. We are Christ, bringing about the Kingdom of God, if only for a moment.

The Bible Project has produced an excellent video that beautifully illustrates the Ascension. I encourage you to watch it HERE. Just as the disciples were filled with awe as Christ ascended into heaven, may each of us also be profoundly moved by our personal encounters with Christ in our time. Let us draw inspiration from the disciples' lives and ministries and strive to embody Christ in our age.  


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