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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting, which takes place this Sunday, January 28th, at 9:00 a.m., is a great opportunity for every member to participate in our church's leadership. The meeting has three main aspects:  

We will elect members to the new Vestry and will also elect members as delegates to the Diocesan Convention. The Vestry works in tandem with the clergy to provide ongoing leadership. The members review business decisions and practices and support the ministry of the parish. Similarly, the convention delegates represent Ascension at the annual Diocesan gathering, which is reminiscent of the Annual Parish Meeting but on a regional level. Please review the candidates for these positions in the Annual Report booklet, which you can view and download here.

Reports about the ministry at Ascension in 2023 will be presented. These reports comprise the aforementioned written Annual Report booklet. Additionally, verbal reports will be made to highlight the written reports. This time serves as both a celebration of the ministry of the past year and an inspiration for members to participate in new ministries in the year ahead.

The 2024 budget will be presented. The Vestry prepares, discusses, and passes a budget each year. This important document helps members understand how church finances are spent. However, the budget alone does not represent all aspects of the church's finances. Additional reporting will be offered in the booklet, and the oral reports will add to this as well.  

Your presence this Sunday is important. I hope you will plan to join us for our Annual Meeting!  


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