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Trinity Sunday

The Sunday following Pentecost is Trinity Sunday. As the early church wrestled with a new understanding of God, a concerted effort was made to describe the relationship between God (the Father), Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This effort resulted in the creation of creeds, or statements of belief. We still use the Apostles and Nicene Creeds in worship.

Each creed is a testament to our evolving understanding of God. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity, for instance, articulates God's nature as three distinct persons and the intricate relationship between them. While the scriptures may not explicitly mention the Trinity, they do contain numerous passages that align with the understanding of God as professed in the creeds.

While the full complexity of the Trinity will remain a mystery, we do well to define what we can and learn from that. One aspect of the Trinity that I find particularly compelling is the relationship between the persons of God. Seeing God in relationship with God’s self demonstrates the power and importance of relationships.


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