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Recruiting New Leaders for Outbound

This past Sunday, I made an announcement about sharing in the ministry at Ascension. If you missed it or want to hear it again, you can watch it HERE. I wanted to honor those who are serving and invite all of our members to participate in ministry.  

Specifically, I noted a few areas we are recruiting new leaders for, such as the Outbound Ministry and the Food Pantry. I am deeply grateful for Audry Lee's leadership as our Outbound Committee Chair and Hope Harbeck's long-standing leadership in the Elaine Kadane Food Pantry. Sally Kittles has also been instrumental in the ongoing leadership of these ministries. There are many members involved, which is what makes these ministries possible.

When contemplating your role in our parish, learning what is expected of each ministry’s leadership can help you discern where you are called to serve. The lists below offer an overview of these positions.

Food Pantry Leader

Be the contact point with Sharing Life, our primary food supplier

Make monthly food orders from Sharing Life

Create a monthly report for Sharing Life

Process paperwork for new clients and maintain the client spreadsheet

Organize volunteers for bimonthly Food Pantry distribution

Evaluate food stocks for ordering from Sharing Life and purchase other items as necessary

Attend monthly Committee meetingsCommunicate with volunteers 

Outbound Chair

Attend monthly committee meetings and keep notes for sharing at Report Out

Act as contact with Vestry and Rector for Outbound needs and issues

Review monthly financial reports for Outbound ministries

Sign check requests for reimbursements for Outbound ministries

Communicate with the Parish for food and/or essentials drives

I invite you to prayerfully consider your participation at Ascension. You may feel called to step forward into leadership. Sit in on a committee meeting or two sometime soon to see what it’s all about, visit with our vestry or committee chairs, or check in with me. We’re all happy to help you connect with ministry here at Ascension.


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