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"When you love someone, you say their name different. Like it's safe inside your mouth." - Jodi Picoult.

Names are so important. It is a wonderful feeling to hear your name spoken by a loved one. Also notable is when someone new remembers your name. Nametags can help us connect in various settings, so I want to encourage you to use them when at Ascension. In January 2023, a new evangelism and hospitality tool will be available for our worship experience, and we would love you to be a part of it: customized nametags! Think about it – we're expected to wear them at most conferences or large gatherings. Furthermore, few people know everybody at church, leaders need help with names, and nametags invite conversation. Nametags are a declaration that not everyone is expected to know us when we put them on, we are serving other people who might otherwise feel uncomfortable approaching us. If you represent a ministry, we’re making it easy and accessible by adding space on the nametags to place ministry stickers. For example, Julie Baker is a greeter and usher, and is on the vestry, so her nametag will read Julie Baker. Separate stickers with Greeter, Usher, and Vestry will be available at the Welcome Desk so she can use whichever is appropriate for her role. These nametags will replace the sticker ones, although those will remain available for guests and anyone who prefers them. We will place an order for customized nametags at the beginning of January. We are asking members to contribute $5 towards the cost. We’ll have order forms at our check-in area, and payment can be made in the offering, either noting it in the memo or using a separate envelope to indicate your payment. You may also pay for them by clicking on our donate button below and choosing the "Nametag" option from the dropdown menu. By doing this together, we can make it easier for guests to feel welcome and for our names to be known. If you have questions about this new tool, please contact Catherine Pryor Miller.

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