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Living Well and Dying with Affairs in Order

Authentic Christianity is not so much a belief system as a life-and-death system that shows us how to give away our life, how to give away our love, and eventually how to give away our death. Basically, how to give away—and in doing so, to connect with the world, with all other creatures, and with God. — Richard Rohr

Contemplating death may seem morbid on the surface. Even so, it is an important aspect of living well. Recognizing the fragility of life reminds us to savor the blessings it brings. Furthermore, considering our own mortality allows us to convey our hopes and intentions to others who may be present at the end of our lives. I encourage you to give your mortality some thought no matter your age. Being faithful to our baptismal covenant includes having these harder conversations with others whom we love and care about. Having written plans and advanced directives is a tremendous help to our loved ones: they don’t have to wonder what our intentions are while they wrestle with grief and potential loss. The season of Lent is an appropriate time to create a plan or update an existing one. If you already have a funeral plan on file with the office and would like to review it or share it with loved ones, please let me know. If you don’t have a plan yet, you can find a resource on our website. As always, I am here to offer guidance, support, and prayer. May God guide us all in our Lenten journey and our planning.


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