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Diocesan Convention Update

“Things will only improve when the people - all of us - say to authorities, 'I will hold you responsible.' We should all be showing up at city council meetings, lighting up every community with activism and mobilization.” - Erin Brockovich

The clergy and the vestry conduct the regular business of the church. Ascension’s Annual Meeting each January is the opportunity for every member to hear reports and vote on who will serve on the vestry and as delegates to Diocesan Convention. Similarly, the Bishop and the Executive Committee conduct the Diocesan business. The Diocesan Convention is held each November in the Diocese of Dallas and is similar to our Annual Meeting. Clergy and elected delegates from each church gather to hear reports and elect new members to these bodies. The 127th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas (EDOD) will take place at the Episcopal School of Dallas on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Ascension delegates John Dexter, Aaron Husman, Robert Orton, Robin Stansel, Fr. Ernie McAfee, and I will represent our community. I'm grateful for their leadership and willingness to participate. We will gather with representatives from the rest of the Diocese for worship, meetings, and elections. If you’d like to know more about the agenda or share your thoughts on how we can best represent Ascension, let me know before November 5. You can expect a brief report from me following the Convention to update you on any significant developments. I ask for your prayers as we gather for this important work.


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