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Christmas Cards

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) is an independent, lay-led, and inclusive organization that helps build, vitalize, and transform Episcopal faith communities, focusing on formation, finance, and resources.  They offer a weekly email with tips and creative ministry ideas. I thought this week’s idea was excellent, so I’m sharing it below:

Make good use of the Christmas cards you’ve received. 

When I store the decorations for another year, I’m always faced with a dilemma: What should I do with the Christmas cards? It’s the one time of year that folks send a snail mail card, and even if most have a simple signature, they are still a tangible connection to a longtime friend, a faraway relative, neighbors, and fellow parishioners.

Instead of throwing them away, each week, draw a card from the pile you received, add the person to your prayer list, and then write and mail a note.

This ministry of encouragement has brought some stillness into my life, time for reflection and for expressing gratitude. And somehow, for some people, it has been a lifeline.

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