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Ascension's New You Tube Channel

Our Ascension YouTube channel has been relocated to a new address, which allows our media team to have better access to it. If you usually access the channel through the links we provide via email, social media, and our website, you do no need to do anything differently. However, adjusting might take a little time if you are a subscriber or your smart TV automatically loads the old channel.

You can find our new YouTube channel here.  We encourage you to subscribe to it, even if you haven’t done so before, as this helps promote the channel and ensures you stay connected to our videos.  All of our past videos remain available online. If you need assistance in this transition, please let us know.  

This YouTube channel is linked to the email address.  Over the past month, we’ve invited you to send photos from worship and events to this email.  Thank you to those who have already sent in photos; we have included them in all of our communications. Please continue to send in photos, as these help us share all the wonderful things happening at Ascension.


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