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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Pictures play an essential role in communication. In addition to conveying information, emotion, and meaning, a single photo can accentuate the communication around it. The proliferation of cameras has greatly increased the significance of pictures, and as the cameras on our phones have improved, so have the clarity of and expectation for our photos. 

Church communications rely heavily on photos. Pictures help us recall the joy of past events and share what our community looks like with those who have yet to join us. Over the last few years, we have benefited greatly from Catherine Pryor Miller’s consistent photography on Sundays and at events throughout the week. As Catherine and Matt prepare for their move to Tulsa, we hope others from Ascension will contribute to photography from various events and Sunday mornings. Catherine will continue working remotely in her communications role and will be back in Dallas a few times a year for in-person check-ins. In the meantime, your photography contributions will assist her in keeping our website and social media pages current and fresh. 

I invite everyone to join in the joy of capturing our community's moments. While many of you already do, the next step is equally important: we want you to share your photos with the church. We have a dedicated account to help facilitate this: You can send your photos directly to this address, or you can share an entire Google photo album. Your contributions will not only enrich our church communications but also will bring joy to members and future parishioners alike.


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