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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent: a time of penitence, fasting, and prayer, in preparation for the great feast of the resurrection.. - Book of Common Prayer

The season of Lent is a time that is steeped in tradition, which includes seeking the sacred and renewing our commitment to God. This takes many forms, some for the individual and others best practiced in a community. At Ascension, we have some great things going on, you can read more about them on our website. Additionally, you will notice changes in our liturgy that help accentuate the season.

Individually, many members will mark the season in their own ways. Some give something up, allowing the absence of a favorite treat to be a daily reminder of the sacrifice God has made for us. Others take on a new discipline or habit to draw closer to God. This can be a great topic of conversation leading up to the beginning of Lent!

It’s okay to try several of these options at the beginning of Lent, even if you cannot continue with all of them. This can help you explore more fully what will work best for you as you walk through the season of Lent this year. Whatever Lenten practices you choose, communal and individual, may they serve to bring you closer to God.


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