Formation offerings for our youth


Sunday mornings at 9am

Youth Formation (Jr./Sr. High School): Youth House. The Episcopal Curriculum for Youth is engaging, relatable, and fun!  This curriculum is focused on nurturing individuals in their faith by word, example, and friendships. It offers a wide-range of opportunities for teens to explore their faith, traditions, and their world around them through discussions and activities. High schoolers are invited to either join this group or to participate in the adult offerings as mature members of our congregation.

Sr. High Second Sundays (High School): Starbucks (Royal Ave/ Abrams Rd.) On the second Sunday of each month, high schoolers are invited at 9am to join a group at Starbucks (8520 Abrams Rd, #100) for faith-centered conversation and fellowship.


Intergenerational Formation:

Occasionally, we will meet with all the classes together in the parish hall for special programs during formation hour. Keep an eye out for those dates and announcements in the bulletin. These will often be close to high Holy Days and will include creative programming for all ages.




Monthly Fellowship Opportunities:

Young Adults/Young Families (varies):

Various gatherings for young adults and young families. From lunches to game nights, to pool parties, this is a great place to find community. Please contact Sarah Kiltzke to be put on the list for announcements from this group.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Klitzke, Director of Christian Formation, at any
time or speak with a member of the clergy.