Leaders and Stewards for the Community

Episcopal Churches are governed by their clergy and a board of lay leaders.  Most often this is known as a "vestry."

The vestry is elected by the parish to be the stewards of the finances, programs and property. These responsibilities can be delegated as appropriate to committees and other ministry groups.

Each year at Ascension’s Annual Parish Meeting, held in January, three new vestry persons are elected for a three-year term. The Vestry has a total of nine elected members, along with others who serve support functions, such as treasurer, clerk/secretary, etc.

2019 Vestry

Senior Warden: Jane Taber (Third Year)
Junior Warden: Todd Rutenbar (Third Year)
Clerk of the Vestry: Harry Breda
Treasurer: Jane Burruss

Elected Members

3rd Year: Todd Rutenbar, Rita Sands, Jane Taber

2nd Year:  Scott King, Randy Nelson

1st Year: Shade Badejo, Andrew Marshall, Allen Myers

Convention Delegates: 

Steve Baker, LaBau Bryan, Ron Chalk, Hope Harbeck, Sally Kittles