Ministry Resources

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end-of-life care planning and funeral guidelines

These guidelines include the theological ideals that are found in the Rites of Christian Burial I and II.  In addition, we have added information to help you as you consider your end-of-life care planning.  You will find helpful lists that will assist you in your estate planning, as well as recommended health documentation, guidelines for planning your funeral service at Ascension, and ideas for planned giving (bequests).  

Click here to access the guidelines.


Personal Profile Editor

You can now update your profile and personal information online. Update your contact information, upload a picture for the directory and adjust your privacy settings.  The profile editor is located on our “InFellowship” website.

Click here to update your profile.



Stay up-to-date on all that is happening at Ascension. Subscribe to our weekly email @Ascension by clicking here.  Complete the information requested and you will receive the next weekly email sent on Thursday mornings.  Please remember you can unsubscribe anytime you wish.    


Parish Announcement Submission Form

Use this form to submit announcements to be published in the bulletins (“Parish Notices”), in the weekly @ Ascension email, or even on this website.

Parish Announcement Submission Form


Ministry Scheduling “Web Terminal”

You can easily view and make changes to our liturgical ministries schedule over the internet.  Click here to access the web terminal.

Your username and password should have been sent to you in an email. If you can’t find it, email Janet Calhoun.

Things That Can Be Done on the “Web Terminal”

  1. View your personal schedule, as well as the complete schedules for the church.

  2. Request a substitution online–an email will automatically be sent to everyone who is capable of filling in. This should make finding substitutions much easier!

  3. Accept requests to substitute online.

  4. Input the dates you are unavailable to serve yourself, and you simply won’t be scheduled then. It really is that easy!

We recognize that not all of our volunteers will feel entirely comfortable with this. Rest easy, Janet will still be in charge of the schedule, and you can always email her directly.


Expense Forms

The forms link below provides access to documents in Adobe PDF format and can be filled out using your computer (and save you doing the math). They must, however, be signed, so you will still need to print them and submit them, along with the substantiating receipts, to the church office.

Click for the Check Request and Debit/Credit Card Receipt forms.


Required Safe Church Workshops at Ascension

Help us keep children and adults in the church safe!

The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Dallas have established three workshops that are required based on ministry participation in order to keep our church safe:

  • Safe Church: Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children: This training aims to prevent sexual abuse of children in any context at the parish.

  • Prevention of Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith: This program deals with the issues of relationships in ministry with adults.

  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Church Workers: This program is in the context of the church as a workplace.

All clergy, office staff, office volunteers, paid nursery workers, key lay leaders, and vestry members are required to be certified in all three workshops. In addition, anyone who has a key to the church and/or any volunteer who works with children and youth are required to be certified in Safe Church: Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children. Recertification is required every three years for all workshops. All workshops are available online in English and Spanish.

Contact Kathy Stutesman at 214-340-4196 to register for a workshop or if you have questions about any of the requirements for the workshops.