Radical Hospitality

We strive to be radical in our hospitality, as we see Christ model this in the Gospel.  This committee coordinates food and general hospitality for most events at Ascension.  This includes:

  • Welcome newcomers and help them become integrated into the life of the parish:
    • Greeters at each service and some special events
    • Monthly newcomers tour, following the 10:15 service on the first Sunday of each month
    • Enlisting volunteers to bring donuts or other goodies each Sunday
  • Coordinate fun activities to help parishioners and newcomers get to know each other better:
    • All Parish Picnics and Potlucks 
    • Periodic Fun Events, such as friendly (and delicious) cooking competitions
    • Saints and Sinners Dinner groups
    • Progressive Dinner
  • Arrange meals and receptions including:
    • Breakfast for the Annual Meeting
    • Brunch on Easter
    • Funeral receptions
    • Periodic celebrations