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The Practice of Prayer

Practice is a great word! We practice things in life because we know that we have a lot to learn. To be fruitful, practice must be faithfully sustained over a long period of time. The practice of prayer isn’t an exception. Our life of prayer is a life of practice. We keep at it! We may never get it right - or if we do we realize there are greater depths or heights to be explored.

The practice of prayer is the work of a lifetime, touching every aspect of our life, from the search for identity to the challenge of vocation to the acceptance of death. It takes us through the heights, the depths, and the deserts of life - it even takes us through the occasional swamp. How we practice our prayer makes a difference in who we are and what we become.

I invite and encourage you to begin or continue at a deeper level, a simple prayer practice. Begin to carve out a few minutes each day to say aloud, or in the silence of your heart, or even on the pages of a journal; prayers of adoration for God’s majesty in creation, prayers of thanksgiving for the awareness of God's presence and action in your life, prayers of confession and acknowledgement of your limitations and sins against God and your neighbor, and prayers of intercessions for others or prayers of petition for yourself.

Please take and use the yellow prayer cards in your pews or at the welcome desk to submit your prayers. Include as little or as much information as you feel comfortable providing. Submit your contact information and let us know if you would like to speak to a clergy person as well. Most of all know that the clergy and the prayer team here at Ascension are praying for you and with you each and every day.

Yours in Christ,

Mtr. Teresa+

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