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The Hallucinunciation

During announcements last  Sunday, I briefly described changes to The Longest Night service. This week, I want to offer more information about the reformatted service and encourage you to participate in it. The paragraph below is from member Daniel Miller:

In place of The Longest Night service, Paul has allowed me to explore some ideas I've had around bringing different music into the church and examining a particular piece of the Christmas story--Joseph's experience. "The Hallucinunciation" is a story told through music (and a few words) that asks the question: ‘What might have filled the space between Joseph's somnolent visit from an angel and his decision to remain with Mary and her supernatural incubating offspring?’ I blew the dust off my rock-n-roll Rolodex, and a band of local musicians will be helping me tell this story with an assortment of tunes from the last 40 years. I hope some of you will join us for this experiment in art-at-church, and maybe even bring some church-not-curious friends with you. Click HERE for more info. -- Daniel Miller

While this iteration of The Longest Night is a departure from our prior expressions, it fits the overarching theme of the evening. Further, it fits our long-standing interest in experiencing the fullness of the arts. Finding alternative worship styles may also help us connect with some in our community who are often reluctant to join us at church!  Please plan to come, listen, and be present to God and one another.


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