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Significance of Gathering

The way we gather matters. Gatherings consume our days and help determine the kind

of world we live in, in both our intimate and public realms. ― Priya Parker

Living in a time of pandemic has likely made everyone more aware of the significance of gatherings. Having this aspect of our lives disrupted has highlighted its importance in our living. I heard a remarkable interview with author Priya Parker recently, which led me to read her book, "The Art of Gathering".

Parker shares a lot of wisdom about gatherings and how to make the most of them throughout the book. One highlight that has stayed with me is the need for a clear, bold purpose. That is, we need to be very clear about why we are gathering. The church has a clear and bold purpose. Even so, this may not be true for each gathering offered. Our Holy Week worship services have a clear and bold purpose. Each points to important moments in the life of Christ. Gathering online may alter our experience, but our intentions hold true. I pray our worship in this Holy season reminds each of us of our purpose in Christ.

Blessings - Father Paul

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