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SERVE at Ascension

"Many hands make light work." - John Heywood

This phrase, "Many hands make light work" comes to mind often as the church gathers to engage in ministry. This idiom dates back to both the Greeks and Romans, but John Heywood's book Proverbs popularized it. The truth of this idiom resonates for me because it is so timeless; translating these wise words into actions is key to fulfilling our role as members of the church. It can take time to discern how best to serve in a ministry context. The beauty of Ascension’s size is that we are large enough to serve out of our gifts and small enough to rely on the involvement of every member. Our committee structure conveys this same truth: a member can help in multiple ministries but is encouraged to choose just one committee to serve on at a time. I am grateful to be in a church with so many talented and dedicated lay leaders. To all those serving so faithfully, thank you! Ascension is thriving and surviving because you have responded to God's prompts to share your time and talent. We can offer our quality worship and service to the community through our collective ministry. But we need more hands to make light work. I invite your fuller participation in the months ahead. Would you consider joining our Sunday morning greeters and ushers, volunteering at Bible Camp this August, or helping with our Stewardship campaign? As you discern how best to serve, consider your gifts and talents, as well as what type of service brings you joy. Please review and complete our SERVE card, which includes a comprehensive overview of Ascension's ministries. All are welcome, and there are no prerequisites for serving. Please know that the vestry, committee chairs, and I are available to you as you consider your ministry at Ascension. I look forward to hearing from you! Many hands do make light work, and when we serve as the hands and feet of Christ in this world, we help to create the Kingdom of God.


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