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Christ held Himself in His hands when He gave His Body to His disciples saying: 'This is My Body.' No one partakes of this Flesh before he has adored it. - Saint Augustine

The sacraments are outward, visible signs of the inward, spiritual grace given by Christ. The act of gathering and celebrating these ancient rites nourishes our faith and unites us in God. The pandemic disrupted these practices but never stopped them entirely. As a church, we wrestled with preserving the integrity of Holy Communion practices while keeping everyone safe throughout the evolving health crisis. The initial change was abrupt as in-person gatherings were eliminated and communion could only be received at home while viewing online. Since then, we have changed slowly and deliberately, which has kept us from having to change often. While I am grateful for everyone’s patience and adaptability, I recognize that it is time we return to our long-standing tradition of receiving communion by offering the common cup to all. As we transition back into this method, the personal safety of each member will remain a top priority. Here is how it will work: The clergy will distribute the host, or offer a blessing, to any who cross their arms over their chest. Two lay eucharistic ministers will follow: one will serve those receiving directly; the other will serve all those who prefer intinction. Anyone who wishes to receive directly will receive their host immediately and then await the chalice. Those who prefer intinction leave the host in their outstretched hands. The lay eucharistic minister will take the host and intinct it for them, placing it back into their hands. As always, should members choose to receive only the bread or the wine, they will have received the sacrament in full. Those who prefer to stay seated may request that an usher bring communion to them. I remain available for any questions or concerns you may have as we make this important transition. I’m delighted to be at a point where we can return to the fullness of the sacrament that nourishes our faith week by week. Blessings,

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