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Remain Vigilant in Fight against COVID

Our nation is seeing significant increases in the spread of COVID-19, and hospitals are reaching occupancy once again. The vast majority of those being hospitalized are unvaccinated. So please get vaccinated and encourage others to do the same. And note that even if you have been previously infected, the Pfizer and other vaccines offer a more robust and longer-lasting defense against the effects of the virus than do natural antibodies alone.

It is hard to know what the coming weeks will bring. I continue to consult with other leaders and clergy as we seek to make wise choices for Ascension. Our return to requiring masks for all in-person gatherings regardless of vaccination status is one of those steps. I expect we will continue to offer worship in person, along with outreach and some of our small groups.

As a church family, let us continue to seek out the best way to demonstrate care and compassion to the larger community and one another. It is clear that the pandemic is not over, and we must remain vigilant in our precautions and in prayer. May God watch over us and guide us in all we do, that the love of Christ may be known through our very living.

Blessings -


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