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Reflections on Greece

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust

Traveling to Greece was a long-time dream of mine. There is so much rich history there, including a variety of places to which Saint Paul traveled to share the Gospel with the world. It was amazing to see places where Paul preached, specifically Mars Hill in Athens and ancient Corinth. Paul chose locations near temples, where many could hear the story he had to share. I found myself considering how this method can still be productive for us today. In Delphi, we learned a great deal about the oracle, a shrine to which many came seeking counsel and guidance. Some of the rituals seem odd to us today: those seeking advice had to bring a goat (not too strange), and said goat had to shiver when it was in the river (a bit stranger). The insights of the oracle were often frustratingly vague. For example, if a king asked whether to go to war, the oracle would foretell that war would bring about the demise of a powerful army but would fail to reveal which one. In Meteora, we saw remarkable monasteries that were perched on top of audacious rock formations. Early monks scaled these steep mountains in order to create these glorious spaces for God. Photography was forbidden inside the monasteries, but I can assure you that the insides were as remarkable as the views from the outside. Noah and I were both impressed with the capacity of art to convey the intricacy and intensity of biblical stories. Throughout the trip, I was grateful for the opportunity to explore this ancient land. Furthermore, traveling with Noah was a tremendous blessing. Not only did we enjoy one another’s company, but experiencing the sites together heightened our experience. I’m sure that our travels will help inform my preaching and teaching in the weeks ahead.


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