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Reconnecting with Worship

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Hallelujah! - Psalm 150:6

Our worship connects and unites us in a variety of ways. Some examples are apparent when we gather in person; our very breathing synchronizes as we sing hymns together or our collective movement to the altar rail to receive communion. Other aspects may be invisible, such as the emotional connection created in worship. God can accomplish much of this even as we gather virtually.

As we return to some of our prior practices, I am encouraged further. The Children's Chapel has been well attended and appreciated by children and parents alike! Resuming our 8:00 am service has also enriched us; many have missed the quiet rhythm of this spoken service. This earlier time may also be a good option for those concerned with COVID precautions, with lower total attendance and risk factors, such as these is no singing.

In the coming weeks, I expect to see more acolytes return as well as the common cup. There are a few things I would like to note in anticipation of the cup. First, those serving will be masked and vaccinated. It will be intiction (dipped host) only, which will be done by those serving the chalice (Lay Eucharistic Minister or LEM). Further, the teaching of the Episcopal Church has always been, if you receive one (bread or wine), you have received communion in full. This means you do not need to receive the wine if you are uncomfortable doing so at this time.

There is more to come, as we seek to offer as much as possible, as safely as possible. The challenges of COVID are certainly not behind us, but I am encouraged by your participation and shared commitment to safety. I remain available to you if you have questions or concerns about what I have shared.


Fr. Paul

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