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New Fall Curriculum for Youth/Family Ministry

I am very excited to share with all of you some new opportunities for family ministry and fellowship this fall!! Our youth and their parents gathered with Jordan and I last Saturday for a youth retreat to discuss the upcoming program year. We will be implementing a youth council and new curriculum that will allow us to continue to live into our Baptismal Vows to “... be responsible for seeing that these youth are brought up in the Christian faith and life” and that we will “do all in our power to support these youth in their life in Christ.” We will start youth/family ministry on September 12th. Please hold us all in your prayers as we begin this journey together.


Mtr. Teresa+

The first nine weeks of youth/family ministry, we will be using “These Are Our Bodies” as we gather for study and fellowship.

“Our inherent value and worth comes from God's love for us, but our modern world is filled with sexual expression that too often leads us away from the life of Christ. As Christians seeking to live a life worthy of our calling and desiring to pass along these values to our children and youth, these books explore how we (as parents and adults) can explore issues of sexuality in the context of our faith. The importance of looking at one's sexuality throughout the lifespan through the lenses of decision making, faith and daily life, respect, growth and change, behavior, responsibility, values, prayer, and intentionality is explored, offering a grounding as well as stand-alone resource for individuals and churches to build upon.” Learn more about the program at

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