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Love in Action | Stewardship

Dear Ascension Family,

We are a reflection of the love of God! Our ordinary life and ministry are informed by God's love and are our way of putting that love into action. Perhaps it's why I found our 2022 Stewardship campaign's Love in Action theme so powerful. The weekly Gospel Reflections of Love crafted by our members have demonstrated this understanding of God and who we are.

The stewardship packet you received in the mail last week illustrates the impact of our love in 2021. I hope the packet's images, testimonials, and community impact numbers have encouraged you in your faith and in your serving. For me, they have invoked prayers of gratitude for the ministry offered and prayers of discernment for what is next.

As we each pray with these materials, the Spirit of God will unite us. The Spirit of God will inform our collective discernment. It may also guide us as we consider our commitment to Ascension. Some of you have already returned your commitment cards; thank you! Our Stewardship ingathering (collection of commitment cards) will be on All Saints Day, November 7. I remain available to you if you have questions or concerns as you make your commitment for the year ahead. I'm so grateful for each of you.


Fr. Paul

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