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Lent 2022

Lent is a time for discipline, for confession, for honesty, not because God is mean or fault-finding or finger-pointing but because he wants us to know the joy of being cleaned out, ready for all the good things he now has in store. ― N.T. Wright

The season of Lent is of great importance. Fasting and repentance aren’t particularly popular, but they lead us toward a deeper faith and an appreciation for the blessings of God. We endeavor to honor each season at Ascension and have some inspiring things planned for Lent this year.

Our worship will mark the season. The Ash Wednesday Liturgy is deeply meaningful and helps us enter the season with intention. We will also include ‘The Great Litany’ on the first Sunday of Lent. Other changes in our liturgy, such as beginning with the Penitential Order, help us remain mindful of the season each week. The services of Holy Week bring Lent to its culmination as we walk toward Easter.

Here are a few other Lenten offerings at Ascension that I’d like to highlight:

  • Lent Forty+5 - Each Wednesday this series will feature a Lenten sermon and time for Q&A, the 45-minute session will be framed in prayer. It is on Zoom, both for your convenience and to allow invitations to clergy from other places to preach.

  • May it Be So | Forty Days with the Lord’s Prayer by Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson Each Sunday at 9 a.m., adults are invited to participate in this book study that combines story-driven reflections with visual and written prayers. This simple 40-day prayer guide will help you reconnect with God as you rediscover your own ongoing conversation with Him. As we gather, we’ll also incorporate other teachings on the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Lent Madness - In this long-time staple of Episcopal Church publisher ‘Forward Movement’ and parody of ‘March Madness’, a variety of bloggers write about the Saints of the church. Participants can vote online for one of two Saints daily. Here at Ascension, you can complete a bracket and compete for a Golden Halo. Join in on the fun and look for updates/scorecards at the Welcome Desk.

For more information about these and our other Lenten offerings, visit our website’s Lent 2022 page. I hope you will join us for a handful or all of the offerings during this 40 day season of preparation for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter.


Fr. Paul

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