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THE IMPACT OF HUMIDITY IN THE NAVE | MAKING PROGRESS Ascension has beautiful architectural spaces for worship and fellowship. I’m partial to our Nave and have yet to find a picture that does it justice. The round design helps share the story of our limitless love for the community and connectedness to each other. Additionally, sitting in the round helps ground us as we worship and pray together. The space balances the ancient sacred with the contemporary, which is what we do as we seek to merge the traditions of our scriptures and faith with our own current experiences. As many of you know, we’ve recently encountered issues controlling the humidity in the Nave. As a result of the dampness, parts of the wood paneling warped, a few organ stops were not functioning properly, and our hymnals and our copies of the Book of Common Prayer developed mold on them! The source of the issue has been identified and resolved, principally through maintenance of the air conditioner. We will continue to monitor the humidity closely as we resolve its effects on the space. Reducing the moisture in the area has helped the organ, the paneling is returning to its original condition as it dries, and the books are being cleaned. This process involves placing them in the freezer for a time to kill the mold and then wiping them down with a disinfectant. It’s a labor-intensive project, and It will be a few weeks before the process is complete. We could use a few extra hands to help, so please contact our operations manager if you’re up to the task! Our hope is to have the books back in our pews for the Advent season. Your continued patience and understanding in the interim is appreciated.


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