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Honest Advent @ Ascension

For too many of us, the celebration of Christmas has lost its wonder. Maybe for you, it has become a bittersweet season of complicated family dynamics, a predictable brand masking insatiable consumerism, or simply a sacred story that feels far too removed from our current chaotic world.

Honest Advent seeks to illuminate the astonishing, hope-filled truth that the God who showed up in the hardest parts of our humanity is still showing up today in those same places.

Celebrated artist-storyteller Scott Erickson invites us to experience 25 days of meaningful illustrations and meditations to rekindle the wonder of God-with-Us in this season. We often forget that the encounter with the incarnate Christ happens in unexpected places. Like a pregnancy announcement in a time of political unrest; the morning sickness of a Middle Eastern teenager; or the shocking biology of home birth that goes far beyond the sanitized brand of Christmas as we know it.

Through powerful imagery, contemplative questions, and honest prayers, you will discover that the wonder of God-with-Us is still happening today - in your unexpected change of plans, your unaccomplished dreams, your humble new beginnings.

May you all have a Blessed and Holy Advent,

Mtr. Teresa+

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