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Habits and Gifts

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." - Aristotle

On Sunday, I spoke of habits and spiritual gifts during my sermon. (If you missed it, you can view it here). I explored this link more in my preparation than in my preaching, including my remarks on the Gospel instead. I'll take my opportunity here to share a little more on habits and how they help cultivate our gifts.

Most often as I think of habits, I think of those things I endeavor to do daily. Prayer, reading scripture, and journaling all help me explore and develop. Other habits that are less obvious can also help, such as eating healthy foods and learning a new language. While these habits are not the first things that come to mind as spiritual gifts, I do, however, believe that they also help me fulfill the ministry to which I am called.

Following the service, I had the benefit of speaking with a few members who were wondering what their gifts are. I was particularly grateful for their vulnerability; some may not have asked. I was able to share with them the gifts that I observe, which allowed affirmations from others and additional sharing. The experience was a reminder of the value of discerning within our community.

I hope the conversation and communal discernment will continue. Sharing our experiences and habits with others may help us and those with whom we share. I hope we can encourage one another, naming the gifts we see and being curious with one another about the habits that help foster these gifts from God.


Fr. Paul

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