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Diocesan Convention Recap

Surely the Lord is in this place. - Genesis 28:16

The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas held its Annual Convention on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Fr. Ernie and delegates Aaron Husman, Robert Orton, and Robin Stansel joined me to represent Ascension. The day began with a Festive Eucharist. The Most Rev. Ian Ernest served as our preacher, and he focused on God's loving, living, liberating presence. Next, the Convention worked to elect clergy and lay persons to serve on the Standing Committee, Executive Committee, and as Deputies to the General Convention. This process has improved over the years but is still time-consuming. A full report of those elected will be available on the Diocesan webpage soon; I am also happy to provide this to those interested. After lunch, the Convention discussed and voted upon proposed changes to the Canons (rules) of the Diocese. Most of the proposed changes aimed to improve the reporting to and from the Parishes and Dioceses. Details can be found here but there weren’t any significant changes prior to passing. The budget also passed without much discussion. The Rt. Rev. George Sumner spoke toward the end of the Convention on the theme “Surely the Lord is in this Place,” which is tied to the notion of “Rediscovering the Parish”. Bishop Sumner noted his gratitude for the leadership, both lay and ordained, throughout the pandemic. He further encouraged us to remain committed to spirituality, solidarity, and surrender (to God). If you would like more information about this year's Annual Convention, please strike up a conversation with those of us who were there representing Ascension. I’m also willing to share my Convention materials if anyone would like to review them more closely.


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