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Creation and the Coming of Christ

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. - Pablo Picasso

The Gospel of John aligns the beginning of all creation with the coming of Christ. The beginning of the Gospel parallels the beginning of Genesis, "In the beginning...." This part of scripture is accentuated later in the book of Revelation, as it characterizes 'a new heaven and a new earth' in light of what we see through Jesus. Each creation requires some retraction of self. And the creator must step back to make room for the new to have space to exist. If, in the very beginning, there was only God, God retracted in order to create space for the rest of creation to exist. The theology and thinking around this continues with the Incarnation; God limits God's self in order to become a human being. We, too, retract as we create. The bigger the creation the more obvious it becomes. A clear example of this is when we have children. The act of parenting often requires us to put ourselves second to make time and energy for another. So too, as we endeavor to be Christ to others, we set aside our own ego and expectations, in order to be helpful, kind, or loving to others. May we, as we celebrate the Incarnation, also seek to create the opportunity for Christ to dwell within us. Blessings,

Fr. Paul

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