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Bicycles Empowering Others

People who are homeless usually have to rely on walking for transportation. They need to get to jobs, medical appointments, and shelters. Bicycles provide an alternative and inexpensive way to get to places.

In the last few years, Ascension has collected, rehabbed, and distributed over 100 bicycles. We are now entering a new phase. Currently, functional used bikes are available for less than we often spent rehabbing them.

A generous gift from outside the parish has allowed us to purchase 30 to 40 bikes and helmets. I am searching Craigslist for functioning bikes for under $75.00. If you come across one at a yard sale for that kind of price, will you buy it, and we will reimburse you? It should be in condition to ride without any purchase of parts. I will continue to make minor adjustments to the brakes and gears.

This ministry comes under freeing those who are captives to geography. I'm grateful for any help you can provide.

Fr. Ernie | | 214.207.0937

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