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Best Practices

Discretion is nothing other than the sense of justice with respect to the sphere of the intimate contents of life. - Georg Simmel

Like many non-profit organizations, the church follows guidelines for best business practices. Beyond the standards and protocols, Ascension has systems in place to ensure things run as they should. For example, we audit the church records each year, concluding with reports to the vestry and to the Diocese. In the fall, we begin the process of evaluating our budget. Committee chairpersons and staff are asked to review their budgets for the year and help assess where changes are needed. The vestry considers this feedback, along with the pledge campaign information, to determine how best to budget for the year ahead. Most of our expenses are accounted for in the annual budget. There are a few areas where money is held in reserve, partly to ensure we use it in direct accordance with the intention of the donor. Outbound funds and Gifts and Memorials are prime examples of this. Another fund that most churches have is a clergy discretionary account. It recently occurred to me that many of you may not even know it exists. My discretionary fund is intended to help the poor and those in need, particularly within the community. I can also use it for natural disasters, but primarily the money is designated for individuals or families with particular needs. The Church Pension Fund has a helpful page describing the particulars; you can view it HERE. Knowing the best way to administer these funds can be challenging and requires discretion! Yet it is also a great joy to be able to help meet real needs. Each time I do, I am reminded of the generosity of this parish and our desire to share the love of God. Blessings,

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