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Back to Church!

Look! I’m doing a new thing; now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize it? I’m making a way in the desert, paths in the wilderness. - Isaiah 43:19

It's been wonderful to see so many of you back at church! Our return to the building has added joy in sharing some of Ascension's final capital improvements. Your generosity in the last months of the three-year campaign allowed us to enhance live-streaming and add new flooring. Below is an update on both projects. The new live stream system will utilize "PTZ" (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. These cameras will be less intrusive than the current cameras on tripods in the nave. To accommodate the controls of this system, we are replacing the sound desk with a larger booth that will include sound and live stream controls. This change will also reduce the total time for setting up each Sunday. We anticipate those viewing online to have an enhanced experience as well. Our flooring project will include the replacement of the tiles in the narthex, hallways, and kitchen. The tile will be a continuation of what's in the Parish Hall, and we expect this work to begin Monday, July 26. Parts of the building will likely be messy for the first two Sundays in August, but we will still have worship. We're excited about our updates and look forward to having them completed by the end of the summer, just in time for fall programming! Stay tuned, and thank you in advance for your patience.


Fr. Paul

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