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A Don't Miss Opera @ Ascension!

Join us for a FREE performance of The Dallas Opera's Jack and the Beanstalk on OperaTruck™—an 18-wheel flatbed "big rig" with an outdoor on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 2 pm. The parking lot will open at 1:30, and the outdoor performance is open to all. Please plan to bring your own chair or blanket for seating. We'll provide snacks and refreshments!

Introduce the children in your life to this wonderful children’s opera—adapted from the classic fairy tale! Watch as Jack scrambles up a magic beanstalk, takes on the nasty giant who lives at the top, retrieves his family’s stolen hen that lays golden coins, and then heads back down with the giant in hot pursuit! Jack saves the day in this musical adventure that also illustrates that being nice is always right—and bullies never win. Questions? call the church office @ 214.340.4196.

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