Pastoral Care at Ascension 

Providing pastoral care is a priority for us as a community.  Often this is ministry of presence, at times our response includes actions, such as providing meals.  Included below are our primary methods of caring for our members and those in our community

Pastoral Visits

There are times in life when we simply need someone to be present with us.  Sometimes it is a moment of crisis, other times it is support to those who are otherwise lonely.  We work to schedule regular visits for those we know are in need, and do our best to respond to other needs as they emerge.

eucharistic Visits

The sacraments are an important part of our faith.  The Eucharist (communion) in particular is a nourishment to our faith, a visible reminder of Christ and how we seek to embody Christ to the world.  When someone cannot come to our common worship on Sunday, we have members who will bring the sacraments to them upon request

Food For Souls

While prayers and presence are the mainstays of pastoral care, there are times when we have other immediate needs as well.  Food for souls organizes home cooked meals to be delivered on occasion.  While it cannot meet long term needs, a few meals can make a big difference as one returns home from the hospital or is in other temporary need. 

Stephen Ministry


Stephen Ministry is a particular model of providing on-going one-on-one pastoral care.  Ascension has been a Stephen Ministry church for years.  We are in the process of rekindling this ministry.  See the Stephen Ministry website for more information about this ministry, or contact Mother Marci for more about how it will be implemented at Ascension.