Stults Road Elementary School located on Stults Road is a Title I school in the Richardson School District characterized by large percentage of minority students and those on the reduced or free lunch program. Approximately 700+ students attend Stults Road.

Ascension has had a partnership with Stults Road Elementary since 2005. What began with some basic activities such as reading in the classroom is now a multifaceted ministry. 

  • Tutoring (specific to reading and math)
  • Annual book drive
  • Holiday food bags (new students)
  • Science fair judges


Members from Ascension commit to meeting with a student once a week for the whole school year.  Returning mentors continue with the same student through several grades.  This connection and support can make a substantial difference for students. 


Encouragement is an important ministry.  We offer four appreciation events for the teachers at Stults each year. Also, monthly "treats" are provided in staff mailboxes.


Not all members can commit to a weekly visit, the twice per year "read-a-thon," coordinated with the librarian at Stults helps us connect with many classrooms.  This contributes to improved literacy and the connection between the school and our church.


Fourth graders are working on their writing skills and this ministry offers the opportunity to write a regular letter to one student 4-5 times per school year.  Our members learn about the students and likewise. 


Our ministry at Stults has also included tutoring, annual book drive, occasional food and gifts at the holidays, science fair judges and sponsoring students for a week at camp.

Training Provided: A one-two hour training session is necessary to participate in the mentoring program only. Contact the leader in charge for more information.

Leader In Charge
Marsha Gadsden



Sam Tasby Middle School (6th – 8th) is located in the Vickery Meadow area just south of Ascension. A large number of refugees, particularly from Asian countries live in the area and their needs are great.  DISD contacted Ascension to help establish a food pantry on site so that children could take food home on the weekends.

The pantry is now on site and Ascension through its own food pantry is purchasing food on a regular basis.  As this ministry grows more opportunities will be forthcoming.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assist with purchasing staple food items monthly.  
  • Delivering food to Ascension's food pantry and Tasby generally the first week of the month (10 cases are needed!).
  • Coordinate a “drive” for other needed supplies such as body soap, deodorant, winter coats and other items as needed.

Leaders In Charge
Dabney Dwyer

Beth and John Dexter

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