Colorful Flowers

A Prayer for Our Mothers/Mother Figures

We give thanks to God for the divine gift of motherhood in all its diverse forms. Let us pray for all the mothers among us today; for our own mothers, those living and those who have passed away; for the mothers who loved us and for those who fell short of loving us fully; for all who hope to be mothers someday and for those whose hope to have children has been frustrated; for all mothers who have lost children; for all women and men who have mothered others in any way—those who have been our substitute mothers and we who have done so for those in need; for the earth that bore us and provides our sustenance. We pray this all in the name of God, our great and loving Mother. Amen.

from Women’s Common Prayers: Our Lives Revealed, Nurtured, Celebrated (Morehouse Publishing, 2000)

Colorful Flowers

Honoring our mothers and important mother figures in our lives.


Louise Sinderson

Mother to Suzan Fenner

Adrienne Burruss

Mother to Janey Burruss

Pat Unkenholz

Mother to Mark Unkenholz

Mary Lou's Mom (1).png

Wilhelmina Marty

Mother to Mary Lou Howell

Brenda F. Cale

Mother to Mtr. Teresa Terry

Marilyn Holley-Stupka

Mother to Sarah Klitzke

Linda Klitzke

Mother to Fr. Paul Klitzke


Lois Young Waller

Mother to Julie Waller

Harriet Lowry King

Mother of Scottow King

Jane Doe

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Camille King and Grace Pratt

Mothers in the King Family

Mary Lou Pryor 

Mother to Catherine Pryor Miller

Laura Schmidt

Mother to Alexei and Lucy


Beth Dunham

Mother to Geoff Dunham

Julie Margarette Liebreich

Mother to Julie Baker

Jane Taber

Mother to Sarah Jane, Jeffrey  and Benjamin

Nita Sue Kadane

 Mother to Diane Branch, Cheryl Carroll, Jeannine Lee and Herb Kadane

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Julie Baker

Mother to Blake Baker

Elaine Baker

Mother to Steve Baker