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“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:14 -16

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Capital Campaign Improvements


Aspirations and Visions from Jordan Hammons
Children and Youth Leader

"Through the Capital Campaign, we have seen a total transformation to our youth space. I am so excited to see our Youth and Outreach Center become a hub for growth, learning, and community. The pergola has been an especially helpful addition as it has given us ample shade as we began meeting outdoors this April. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this investment in our youth programming.."


Testimonial from Chris Schmidt
Children's Chapel and Godly Play Teacher

"Our children's chapel was in dire need of a new paint job: The library area and the Godly Play shelves were both looking dingy, and several of the Godly Play stories were incomplete or worn down. With capital campaign funds, we got a bright new paint job--and the white shelves really brightened up the room, just about the same time that the new white stones were added in the gardens outside our windows! We were also able to replace and augment our Godly Play stories so that we went into fall 2019 with a complete and organized set."


Testimonial from Sarah Kelley

Ascension Day School Teacher

“One of the things I love most about the Day School’s upgrades are the beautiful floors. As anyone can imagine, having carpeted areas in a preschool setting can be difficult when trying to manage cleanliness. The wood flooring allows us to sweep and mop on a daily basis. Now accidents and spills are ‘no biggie’ as they can easily be cleaned up. The classrooms truly look and feel amazing.“ -Sarah Kelley


Testimonial from Doug Taber
Member of the Sunday morning Men's Group

"We coined the men’s Sunday school class Men’s Bible Fellowship many years ago because it mirrored what the group was about: studying and applying scripture as well as bonding through our Christian brotherhood. The new upper building aids this goal through its versatility. At one point 10 men or so met in the church’s administrative office space where it was snug and open for interruption. We are now able to meet in an inviting classroom without disruption as well as fellowship with distancing outside under the pleasant pergola during these difficult times. We are blessed to utilize Ascension's contemporary upper building which provides our class deeper development in study, faith, and community; strengthening us at a time when it’s most needed."

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Testimonial from Diane Haack
Lead Gardener

"Our new garden shed has made it possible to have all of our tools and supplies neatly organized in one place.  Nancy Johnson lovingly built the shelves so we could have things up off of the ground.  This allows us to have gardeners from apartments —-they usually have no tools of their own, and can readily use ours.  It is a huge help and looks so much nicer."

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Testimonial from Mark Unkenholz
Organist and Music Director

"There are three areas in the Nave that come to mind.  First: There is new LED lighting throughout the Nave and the Narthex which throughout the pandemic has made the video and live streaming much clearer.  Second: The loop technology for those who are hearing impaired and who have devices that use this technology now have improved listening capability.  Third: The sound system throughout the Nave has been upgraded.  It is hoped that when we are back to in-person worship those in attendance will hear a noticeable difference in the clarity of speech and communication in general."

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Testimonial from Nancy Johnson

"The most literal project in the Let Your Light Shine campaign is the lighting in the Parish Hall. What a dramatic improvement! With our new lighting and lighter floor tiles, the Parish Hall has been transformed from dull and dated to bright and welcoming. Besides being brighter, the lights are more energy-efficient and have a longer life span. It Is now a beautiful space that will be enjoyed for years to come." 


Testimonial from Suzan Fenner

"As a Greeter, I am excited about being able to welcome guests in our new Welcome Center, located at the far end of the Narthex. Our former Welcome Table was too small and falling apart. The new center is away from heavy traffic patterns by the center doors to the Nave so conversation will be easier. It’s also beautiful and is an obvious place for guests to come with questions!  Further, it has enough room so that we can visit with guests, while also greeting our parishioners as they arrive. Thanks to the generous contributions from many parishioners, we will be ready to give a first-class welcome as soon as we start having in-person services. " 


Testimonial from Sally Kittles
Food Pantry Volunteer

"When I began volunteering at the Pantry, we operated out of a large closet in the kitchen off the Parish Hall and our offerings were limited by its size. When we made the move “up the hill”, everything got bigger. The space is larger for storage and prepping bags for clients. We have the ability to store a much larger variety of staple items. We have refrigerator and freezer capacity. This new building has made it possible to offer the people who come to Pantry much more than we could before." 


Testimonial from Kathy Wendling
1st - 3rd Grade Teacher 

"In the unprecedented year of 2020, many parents of elementary students were very concerned about sending their children back to public school in the fall. With the support of Father Paul, Ascension Day school was able to utilize the newly renovated Upper Building to offer parents the option of a multi-age classroom in a safe, secure environment. The building has been the perfect spot for my 1st-3rd grade class where we have honed reading, writing, and math skills, as well as explored ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece. We are currently constructing a rain forest with the flora and fauna of each of the four layers. The huge window offers wonderful daylight, as well as transparency for parents. 

As a part of our curriculum, the class volunteers at the Food Pantry every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. We are in charge of packing produce for the clients. This past week we packed 300 pounds of potatoes, 100 pounds of onions, 6 crates of oranges, 4 of apples, and vegetables from the Ascen