The July heat keeps us from thinking too much about Fall, but it is around the corner, and in Texas, Fall gardening is some of our most fun and prolific! It looks like we will have 2 plots available, so I thought this might be a good time to go over our process. Prospective gardeners meet with me to go over our Rules and Agreement, sign and pay $70 for a full plot or $35 for half. Usually this happens in January, but since we have open plots I can pro-rate the cost. Our garden is Organic, meaning we use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Each gardener plants, harvests and tends his/her own plot. They are also responsible for working in the garden as a whole, and that means keeping the pathways clear of bermuda grass, and helping with the donation beds (tending and harvesting). The produce each gardener grows is for their own consumption, unless they offer some to the Food Pantry. That is always appreciated.
We also operate as a community---the most fun part!! Sharing tips, and helping each other as we work is as rewarding as growing crops. We communicate regularly when produce gets stolen or cars/people we don't know are wandering around the garden. This has happened recently, so if you're out there and see someone you don't know, please introduce yourself and ask the person if they have a plot!!! Some community gardens do work on a basis of anyone can help themselves, but thats not the case here. We each buy our own plants, and work very hard to make them grow!!
If you or someone you know is interested, please call, email or text me. Diane Haack 214.642.6277