Join us Saturday October 19 at 6 pm in the Parish Hall for the first Ascension Iron Chef Competition and Potluck Dinner! Bring your favorite starter, side, sweet or main dish - already made, please - using one of these four ingredients: avocado, cinnamon, corn, or pickles.

Be creative! Corn meal counts for a corn dish. We relish the thought of your favorite pickle recipe! Try avocado ice cream or an avocado cream cake! How about your grandmother’s famous cinnamon-crusted, corn meal dusted, avocado and baby gherkin casserole? If you’re brave enough to make it, we will eat it!

There will be prizes for best in show in each category, the most creative dish, the best sweets recipe, and more. We will provide sodas for the kids, and beer and wine for the adults. Contact Harry Breda ( or Suzan Fenner ( for more details. Spend your Saturday evening with us!