Our youth programming is designed around community. Middle and High School can be an exciting (and challenging) time, and it can be much easier to navigate with a supportive, caring community standing beside you. Through Sunday School and Inhabit (our Episcopal Youth Community or youth group), we connect teens with each other as well as a supportive network of adults. At Ascension, we value the voices and ideas of our teens and look to partner with them as they embark on their own faith journeys.


Due to ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, formation offerings are currently online via Zoom. Check with your group leader or email Jordan Hammons for more information regarding formation offerings at this time.



INHABIT | 6th - 12th GRADES
Youth Room, Youth and Outreach Center

Sundays (4:00 pm - 6:00 pm)

Put simply, Inhabit is youth group. To inhabit a place means being present in every aspect. This weekly offering is designed to foster deeper connections between our youth members and empower them to take the lead in their faith journey. Weekly meetings are interspersed with activities like movie nights, retreats, service projects, interfaith experiences, and trips. A snack is provided, but not a “meal.” Inhabit is a low-pressure environment to explore, ask questions, and become fully present at Ascension. Quarterly schedules will be posted below.


Conference Room

Confirmation is the sacramental rite in which the candidates express a mature commitment to Christ and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Those who were baptized at an early age are invited to make a mature public affirmation of their faith, recommit themselves to the responsibilities of their baptism, and receive laying on of hands by a bishop. Confirmation classes will help prepare candidates for the sacrament as we explore the church's teachings and develop our own faith identity.  Contact Fr. Paul if you are interested in participating in the next series of classes.

SUNDAY SCHOOL | 6th to 12th GRADEYouth Room, Youth and Outreach Center

(9:00 am - 10:00 am)

With a varied and changing focus of study, this hour allows teens to build bridges with one another as well as the broader Ascension community. It offers a wide range of opportunities for teens to explore their faith, traditions, and friendships. An open, safe space, discussions, and activities allow youth to dive into their faith in a supportive community setting.



Sundays (during 10:15 am service) - Room 105

Teens are encouraged to serve as assistants and leaders for our Children’s Chapel program. Children’s Chapel is a child-centered service that allows younger children to more closely engage with the stories and patterns of our worship. This is a great opportunity to build connections and leadership skills.


The Nave | Scheduled in advance for Sunday worship

Youth are encouraged to become active participants in the service—shown to be the greatest tool for faith formation. We love to see youth leadership in our worship services! There are many ways to participate in our liturgy! Teens can serve as acolytes, readers, youth vergers, ushers, and greeters. For more information on participating in these roles, contact Jeanne Neill, our acolyte leader or Jordan Hammons, our youth leader.


The Nave | First Sunday of each month (during 10:15 am service)

Our intergenerational service follows the patterns of our 10:15 am service with fewer readings and the addition of some songs and prayers from Children’s Chapel. Held on the first Sunday of each month, these services draw us all together in worship. All the prayers and spoken portions of the service (from The Book of Common Prayer) are included in the bulletin so it’s easier to follow along.

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